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Safety Training

What We Offer


Members of the Builders Exchange Safety Program receive a wide range of benefits and training opportunities critical for maintaining safety in the workplace.

Whether at the job site, on the road or even in the office, safety and safe working conditions are a top priority. 

BX member companies can take advantage of a wide spectrum of programs and training designed to keep employees safe and ensure complete compliance with state and national safety standards.

In addition to the obvious benefit of safeguarding employees, training opportunities and services provided through the Builders Exchange Safety Program protect member companies as well. Companies with a comprehensive safety manual, as well as up-to-date training for employees and supervisors, limit their exposure on on-the-job accidents which can prove costly and tragic.


The OSHA 10-hour Training Course, for example, one of the most widely required and attended safety programs in the United States, is conducted at a reduced cost for BX Safety Program members.


In addition to the many standard safety training opportunities offered by the BX Safety Program at reduced pricing, customized training and class times are also available, as are safety manuals geared to specific companies and their unique requirements.

Don't put your employees or your company at risk. Take advantage of all the benefits of the BX Safety Program has to offer and make safety a top priority.

For information on the award-winning BX Safety Program and all it has to offer contact Jeannie Jenkins, office coordinator, at (330) 452-8039 or

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