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National Safety Stand-Down: May 6-10

May 6, 2019 - 8 am

What is the National Safety Stand-Down?

The program was originally a two-year effort, launched on Workers Memorial Day in 2012, to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction. It was so successful, it continues at the start of every construction season. Tens of thousands of employers nationwide and more than a million workers participate in the annual Fall Safety Stand-Down.

All Industries Can Conduct a Stand-Down

Following highway crashes, falls are the second leading cause of workplace death. While construction workers are most at risk, falls can happen in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and any other industry that involves working from height. NSC and OSHA encourage workers in all industries to conduct a Stand-Down. No company is too small to participate; roughly half of events nationwide are held by companies with 25 or fewer employees.


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